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Hemp Fabrics - We Answer The Web's Most Asked Questions

We have been looking at the most-asked questions about hemp fabrics on the internet, and we’ve tried to answer them for you below. With over 25 years of experience working with hemp fabrics, we have learned a thing or two about them along the way. Our hemp fabrics continue to be highly popular, and we are seeing more people than ever interested in trying these sustainable ethical fabrics...

Choose CBD With Melatonin For A Better Sleep

Sleep is perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference to your mood, your ability to learn, your cognitive abilities and obviously your energy levels! But what can you do when sleep simply won’t come? Are you struggling with getting to sleep at night? Suffering from insomnia and looking for some relief? Well melatonin combined with CBD might just be the answer...

5 Reasons Hemp Is A True Miracle Plant!

It should be no surprise to hear that at the hemp shop we absolutely love hemp! We’ve been singing its praises for over 25 years, and we’re always keen to share the reasons why we love it so much. You see, hemp is kind to the environment, a fantastically nutritious food source which supports your health, and a brilliantly versatile resource for making all kinds of products that help humanity...

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Welcome to The Hemp Shop

the home of naturally sustainable, organic and ethically aware, environmental eco hemp products

For over 20 years, we have worked to bring you the very latest and greatest from the world of Hemp; to provide you sustainable alternatives to everyday items; creating ecologically, environmentally and sustainable products from all over the globe.  As the UK's longest running Hemp company, we now offer even more products at fantastic prices with a greater selection than ever before. This has been a long journey and a journey we will continue. When we started, all those years ago, barely anyone knew what Hemp was and those that did, only knew it was either Rope or Dope. Now, as then, we have a range we are truly proud of: from ethical hemp clothing and accessories, sustainable hemp fabrics and interiors, to the power-packed nutrition in Hemp foods and the nourishing Hemp Oil in our natural beauty products.    

The extraordinary Hemp plant continues to surprise and amaze us with its power and versatility.  Whether you are looking for food or fabrics, seeds or soaps, Hemp really is the super seed that we all need.   And its scope keeps on growing - forget the Hemp car! Now there’s a Hemp plane, Hemp plastics for 3D printing and Hemp Graphene Super-capacitors. These and many more products have come into existence because there is a growing and ever expanding group of people, all over the globe, dedicated to saving our home – Planet Earth. That’s why we do, what we do.